Facebook Tests an Influencer Marketing Search Tool

Facebook began its first big influencer marketing push in November 2017, when it launched the Facebook Creator app.

The company positioned Facebook Creator as “a one stop shop to create and cross-post videos, go live with exclusive features, track your insights, and manage your messages — all in one place.” At the same time, it released Facebook for Creators, a companion website for video creators to learn new skills, access resources and connect with followers.

Facebook is now working on a new tool called the Branded Content Matching platform, which will allow marketers to connect to content creators who correspond with their search parameters. A German social media website published leaked screenshots of the platform last week, and TechCrunch confirmed with Facebook that the company is testing this tool. Here’s what we know about it so far.

What are the benefits of Branded Content Matching?

There are two main goals of the Branded Content Matching tool:

  • To help brands identify creators who are a good fit for their target audience to partner with on sponsored-content Facebook ad campaigns
  • To help content creators leverage their fan base and monetize their Facebook content

Creators who choose to participate in the test display a portfolio of content and audience metrics. The leaked screenshots show three sections within the tool: Creator Search, Saved List and Suggested Creators. Participating marketers can search for creators and save results using diverse filters, including:

  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Interests
  • Education history
  • Life events
  • Locations where they’re popular
  • Home ownership status and home type

Ultimately, Branded Content Matching shows that Facebook sees the value of influencer marketing. The company wants to build a platform where brands and creators can reach target audiences through customized and authentic content.

What are the limitations of Branded Content Matching?

Brands will be able to sift through content creators based on specific parameters – but only in relation to their Facebook presence. The Branded Content Matching tool doesn’t (at least for now) review audience sizes or metrics from other platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Snapchat. So while an influencer may have a large and engaged audience across multiple social media sites, this tool will only pull information from Facebook.

The Branded Content Matching tool will be able to give companies a decent overview of a creator’s content and followers, but it won’t replace the careful selection process needed for a successful influencer collaboration. An influencer marketing search engine can help a brand get started; however, in-depth research and vetting will always require a human touch.

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