Instagram Opens Advertising To All: What This Means for Brands

Instagram Advertising

After nearly 18 months of testing, Instagram announced this week it’s ready to open paid advertising to all businesses as well as allow advertisers to use Facebook targeting to direct ads at Instagram users. Additionally, back in June, the company announced it would soon be expanding its advertising interface to include call-to-action buttons, allowing users…

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Facebook Ads Are Even More Awesome!

If you read our blog, you know that we are big fans of Facebook advertising. We are able to drive highly targeted traffic to our clients’ websites with amazing ROI. You might remember that a recent study showed that your Like behavior on Facebook was a better indicator of your personality than your closest friend…

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Don’t Miss Out On The Fun of Halloween Marketing!

October is here and the countdown is on to Halloween. Does your brand have a marketing strategy in place to capitalize on this spookatkluar time of year? If your answer is “no” – don’t fret my pretty, you still have time to pull a rabbit out of your hat and make it happen. Here are…

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Everything You Wanted To Know About the New Apple Watch

Timothy Cook, the CEO of Apple, Inc. unveiled yesterday not only the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus but something techie’s and Apple loyalists are far more excited about….the Apple Watch. Apple fans had been hoping the company would jump into this highly competitive market and they did not disappoint with the bells and whistles…

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Social Media Product Review: ZoSocial

I was recently served a Facebook ad from ZoSocial and it caught my attention. I had been looking for a way to better conduct Facebook contests and promotions that would not require application tabs and would help with engagement rates for the page. We often conduct Like & Share promotions or trivia contests and ZoSocial…

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Shefit and Shoppost

I am rarely as excited as I was on a call last Friday with Shefit web developer, Katie Vanderploeg, and the amazing team behind the new app Shoppost. I have been talking about developing an easy way to integrate a simple shopping experience into our influencer campaigns and now I can do it! Currently Shoppost is…

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