I was recently served a Facebook ad from ZoSocial and it caught my attention. I had been looking for a way to better conduct Facebook contests and promotions that would not require application tabs and would help with engagement rates for the page. We often conduct Like & Share promotions or trivia contests and ZoSocial offers us a variety of new ways to additionally generate leads and communicate with the entrants to offer additional marketing touch points. Here are the main benefits and features after our initial use of the site.

  • You can create the social content within ZoSocial- the actual Facebook post including text and images and then publish them.
  • You gain the viral promotion from a like, share, comment type post.
  • ZoSocial verifies that the person actually completed entry requirements (i.e. Like AND Share, etc.).
  • ZoSocial can automatically pick a winner from correct and qualified entries and notify the winner as well as those that didn’t win.
  • You can contact entrants via Facebook and Email and can provide a follow on offer (10% for entering- go here to use it today).
  • There is a dashboard that provides statistics on campaign performance.
  • You can also build a landing page to collect leads that integrate with your emailing list.
  • Best of all this is 100% mobile compatible!

There are four kinds of contests you can run via ZoSocial-

  1. Sweepstakes
  2. Trivia Contests
  3. Caption Contests
  4. Photo Contests

We are very excited to add this to our roster of social media tools and look forward to building more robust marketing opportunities from our contests.



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