Timothy Cook, the CEO of Apple, Inc. unveiled yesterday not only the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus but something techie’s and Apple loyalists are far more excited about….the Apple Watch. Apple fans had been hoping the company would jump into this highly competitive market and they did not disappoint with the bells and whistles that surround this dare we say it – sexy timepiece!  A tightly guarded secret the Apple Watch has been in development for the past three years as Apple needed time to finish developing the software and hardware for the device as well as give developers time to create apps that would be fully integrated prior to the its official launch in 2015.

Beyond it’s time keeping capabilities, this “computer” you wear on your wrist is fully integrated with any iPhone 5 and newer.

You can take calls, send texts, talk to Siri and run various apps such as your calendar, map navigation and music. Even more innovative is that Apple has jumped into the arena with Jawbox and Fitbit adding a unique feature to the watch with a health app called Fitness that tracks your steps, heart rate and movement for different exercises. And while you’re working out you can access your iTunes and Apple TV account to keep up with the latest new album releases or your favorite show.

Launching in two sizes with 11 different faces and a variety of bands for gearhungry and discerning fans to choose from Apple is launching three versions of the watch; Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. There will be two sizes to choose from with 11 different faces and a variety of bands and surface options. Pricing will start at $350.

Watch the official Apple Watch video: http://youtu.be/0ZKkA5hHUoI

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