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Why Videos Are the Best Marketing Tool Right Now

When developing your online presence, you want to make sure your company stands out. So how do you capture the attention of your audience, send a clear message, and define who you are? Video is your best marketing tool right now. Let’s take a look at a few statistics to see why. The average internet…

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MtoM Launches New Women’s Lifestyle Brand

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new venture: a women’s lifestyle maximization brand called and/life! The and/life app is now available on iPhone and Android – and without hyperbole, we can say that it will change your life in a lasting and positive way. What is and/life? MtoM is partnering with fitness…

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MtoM’s Celebrity & Athlete Influencer Marketing

Authenticity is at the core of the marketing we do at MtoM. We partner with brands we believe in, ranging from family and lifestyle to millennial and fashion companies. And we use targeted influencer marketing to amplify their message in an authentic way that really speaks to their audience. Why Influencer Marketing? There’s so much information available online…

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We Love our Clients: Moxie Jean

As part of our ‘We Love Our Clients” feature, we are highlighting Moxie Jean as our third featured client!  Moxie Jean is “upscale resale,” making it easy for busy moms to buy and sell high quality, like-new kids’ clothes online. They provide a curated selection of kids’ clothes at consignment sale prices with a 100% satisfaction…

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We Love Our Clients: Levana

As part of our ‘We Love Our Clients” feature, we are highlighting Levana as our second featured client! Based in Niagara Falls, Canada, SVAT (Superior Value Added Technologies) was born out of necessity. Rajesh (Raj) Jain founded the company in 2002, after a break-in at his business.  After looking for a reliable, user-friendly video security system,…

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Meet Moxie Jean CEO and Co-Founder, Sharon Schneider

Sharon Schneider

MtoM is excited to be working with a new client, Moxie Jean, an e-commerce website featuring upscale resale children’s clothing. The company was co-founded 2 years ago by Sharon Schneider, a former client services executive.  “I love organic, well-made clothes (buying well-made clothes, furniture and other goods is one way to be “green”), but as a…

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Free Family Movie at the Mosaic District Sunday Night!

More Language Stars news for our friends in DC! Sunday marks the first annual Language Stars Family Foreign Language Film Festival at the Mosaic District to expose children and their families to movies in other languages. The debut film, The LEGO® Movie, will be played in Spanish with English subtitles. If you’re in the area,…

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Language Stars: Back-to-School Open House Event

language stars back to school

Language Stars, a client of MtoM that offers foreign language classes in five different languages, is hosting a bunch of great Back to School events this week. If you’re thinking about signing your children up for foreign language, we strongly encourage you to attend one of these events. Christine’s children attend the school and they LOVE it! Here’s a…

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