MtoM is excited to be working with a new client, Moxie Jean, an e-commerce website featuring upscale resale children’s clothing. The company was co-founded 2 years ago by Sharon Schneider, a former client services executive. 

“I love organic, well-made clothes (buying well-made clothes, furniture and other goods is one way to be “green”), but as a mom who tries to avoid conspicuous consumption and who wants to raise my kids to be socially responsible, I have often lamented the cost and waste of baby clothes,” Sharon writes on the Moxie Jean site. “My sisters and friends and I have passed them around, sharing them as much as possible to distribute the costs among us,” she explains.

“But then I thought, ”Wouldn’t it be great if there were a central repository where my friends and I could store our gorgeous baby clothes when we don’t need them? Someone who could keep them clean and organized, and send me just the best of the bunch, in the sizes I need, just when I need them?” she writes. “We’d all save money, we’d buy less and waste less, and our kids would always look great.” And voila! Moxie Jean was born.

Sharon recently gave an interview and chatted about the inception of Moxie Jean, her passion for reducing conspicuous consumption, balancing family life and motherhood while running a business, as well as her love of nap time. Check out the full interview here.

It’s been so fun to work with such a smart woman and such a great company!

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