As part of our ‘We Love Our Clients” feature, we are highlighting Levana as our second featured client!

Levana Monitor

Based in Niagara Falls, Canada, SVAT (Superior Value Added Technologies) was born out of necessity. Rajesh (Raj) Jain founded the company in 2002, after a break-in at his business.  After looking for a reliable, user-friendly video security system, Raj got frustrated at how many of the video security products on the market were overpriced, complicated, and inadequate.  Consequently, SVAT (Superior Value Added Technologies) was born.  As a part of its video security suite, SVAT was the first company to bring a wireless, hand-held and full-color baby video monitor onto the market.  It was such a success with parents, that in 2007, SVAT spun off a separate entity to specifically develop safety products to the parents of newborns and toddlers.  That entity is today called Levana. And they’re a brand parents trust.

The aptly named “Levana,” comes from the ancient Roman goddess involved in the rituals pertaining to childbirth.  It is said that dea Levana is invoked when a child is first lifted de terra, from the earth or ground.levana-snuza-logo-dark
Snuza MonitorLevana’s newest video monitors and cameras now also offer night vision, temperature monitoring, Talk to Baby™ two-way intercom, zoom, and 4.3” screens.

In addition to the video monitors, Levana also sells baby movement monitors with vibration alerts and audible alarms along with accessories.

Interested in purchasing any of these wonderful video or movement monitors for your baby or loved one?  Click here to discover more!

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