Happy 2016, everyone!

We’re thrilled to kick off a new year with a clean slate and fresh opportunities. While you’re mapping out your marketing strategies and goals for the next 12 months, here are a few social trends you should keep in mind to get the most out of your efforts.

  • It’s all about video and visuals.

From livestreaming video apps like Periscope and Facebook Live to eye-catching infographics and photography – your audience wants to receive information and entertainment in the most visual way possible. This goes for all social channels, across mobile and web. Think of this growing trend as a way to connect with your customers in a more exciting and dynamic way.

  • Be natural.

Your audience can spot a traditional ad a mile away, and it makes them keep your brand at arm’s length. Look for ways to incorporate advertising more naturally into your content, including through influencer marketing and social ads.

  • Put your money where your mouth is.

To get returns from your social strategy, you will have to pay to play. Plan a budget for social advertising, and learn how to use it wisely – and you’ll reap the rewards.

Watch the video for more tips you can apply to your 2016 social strategy right away!

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