Have you ever wanted to feel what it’s like to run onto the field during a professional soccer match or to walk across the tallest man-made structure in the world? How would you like to share a cup of coffee with people from all over the world or take an instant tour of Walt Disney World?

These are no longer farfetched ideas – with 360-degree video, they’re real-life journeys you can take from your computer or device. This experience puts you, the user, in control of the experience, allowing you to pan in any direction to see everything that’s going on. It’s one big leap closer to virtual reality, and it has huge possibilities for brands that want to offer interactive social experiences.

Big companies are already releasing 360-degree video ads, including Samsung, AT&T, Nestle and Red Bull. But you don’t have to have a massive ad budget to experiment with 360-degree videos. With an investment of a few hundred dollars, you can buy a 360-degree camera and start creating videos that engage and intrigue your audience.

Both YouTube and Facebook now support 360-degree videos and offer step-by-step tutorials on how to upload your content. It’s been a somewhat clunky process in the beginning, but as they’re working out the kinks, it’s getting simpler and more streamlined.

Here are just a few ways brands of any size could use 360-degree video to wow their audiences:

  • A hotel chain offering virtual tours of each of their properties, showing every detail from high ceilings to carved furnishings
  • A kitchen appliance company showcasing its products in action with a live cooking demonstration
  • A clothing brand featuring a behind-the-scenes look at its fashion show
  • A car manufacturer taking a new model out for a spin on the open road

What could your brand do with 360-degree video?

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