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Facebook Makes Changes to Political Ads

Facebook announced plans in April to increase accountability for political content, saying in a statement, “We believe that when you visit a Page or see an ad on Facebook it should be clear who it’s coming from.” As part of this effort, Facebook launched a new ads transparency tool last week designed to prevent political…

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Facebook ‘Watch’ to Offer New Ad Opportunities

This month, Facebook announced the launch of Watch, a new video tab that will feature dozens of original shows. “We hope Watch will be home to a wide range of shows — from reality to comedy to live sports. Some will be made by professional creators, and others from regular people in our community,” CEO…

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Influencer Infused Events

influencer events

Last week I was standing in a room full of excited influencers as they looked at a client’s products and sipped on signature cocktails. There was a buzz in the room and we were all having a great time. The group was hand selected by my team and included a variety of influencers that could…

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An Overview of Snapchat Advertising

While Snapchat pioneered the ephemeral style of storytelling that is everywhere on social media right now, the app itself has a lot of staying power. Brands, enticed by the platform’s 150 million daily users, are integrating Snapchat into their marketing plans. But advertising on Snapchat is still relatively new territory (it’s only been available since…

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360 Storytelling: The Latest on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Immersive experiences that alter our reality aren’t new… In 1957 Morton Heilig invented the Sensorama Machine, a simulator that provided the illusion of reality thanks to 3D video, artificial smells, stereo sound, seat vibrations, even fans to create windblown hair. This  “experience theater” for 1-4 people set the stage for the wide range of virtual…

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Serving up Social Engagement for a New Food Delivery Service

From chef-prepared eats to DIY dinners, there are lots of meal delivery services competing to win over consumers (literally – take Subway delivery, for instance). This Spring, our team partnered with Terra’s Kitchen don a series of Influencer campaigns to help raise brand awareness and drive sales for this newcomer with a fresh approach to…

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How Brands Can Use Snapchat Memories

Over the past month, Snapchat has started to roll out one of its biggest changes to date. The app’s newest feature, Memories, allows users to save snaps in a private long-term collection within the app. This is a major shift from Snapchat’s defining characteristic – that snaps last only for a few seconds, or for…

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5 Tips to Use Facebook Insights for Better Engagement

Crafting an effective Facebook content strategy for your brand takes time and perseverance – but the good news is that the platform offers an excellent suite of tools to make this process easier. Facebook Insights provide detailed information on who your fans are, and what kind of content they like. Learn how to get the…

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5 Instagram Hashtag Tips to Better Market Your Brand

Instagram announced in June that their user base has grown to more than 500 million Instagrammers—with over 300 million (60%+) using the platform daily. And according to eMarketer, there will be 48.2 million millennial Instagram users in the US this year. By 2019, nearly two-thirds of all millennial smartphone users will use Instagram.   As…

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