Influencer Infused Events

Last week I was standing in a room full of excited influencers as they looked at a client’s products and sipped on signature cocktails. There was a buzz in the room and we were all having a great time. The group was hand selected by my team and included a variety of influencers that could reach our target audiences. They asked questions and selected their favorite items while creating amazing content. They found the best light in the room and assisted each other in taking photos and videos. I couldn’t wait to see what they created.

In addition to all of their content creation we had our videographer and content team on hand to shoot video, interview influencers, and create amazing social content for the brand. These events have 100% attendance by our influencers because they are contracted and compensated and also provided detailed information up front. Many of the influencers came up to me and said that they loved the event and the attention to detail we provided- they felt excited about the brand and appreciated for their efforts.

In addition to events created specifically for influencers, we also invite influencers to client events. They are a mix between a celebrity appearance and media coverage. We contract with them to connect with attendees while also taking pictures and video. We often have them live stream from the event which provides for increased organic reach.

If you are interested in creating an influencer infused event, here are some tips for making it a success.

  1. Do you research when selecting influencers- just because they live near the event doesn’t mean they can reach your target audience or create quality content. I was once invited to an influencer event that was for a delivery service only available in Washington, DC- 75% of the influencers in the room didn’t live in the city and couldn’t actually use the service (and why was I invited- because I was on a massive PR list).
  2. Compensate them for their time and work (this can be paid or product or both- just make sure it works for you and the influencer).
  3. Make the event details and expectations very clear ahead of time for the influencer.
  4. Put on an awesome event- it doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be fun and easy for the influencers to engage with the brand, learn more, and create photos or videos.
  5. Have staff on hand to answer questions. You don’t have to do a formal presentation- but make sure you mix and mingle with the influencers.
  6. Follow up to make sure they fulfill their contractual obligations and follow FTC guidelines on all of their posts.

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