From chef-prepared eats to DIY dinners, there are lots of meal delivery services competing to win over consumers (literally – take Subway delivery, for instance). This Spring, our team partnered with Terra’s Kitchen don a series of Influencer campaigns to help raise brand awareness and drive sales for this newcomer with a fresh approach to healthy, seasonal cooking.

The program kicked off with a focus on their target markets in DC, Richmond, and Baltimore. We invited mom bloggers to try and review Terra’s Kitchen, assuming the service would really resonate with busy families that want to eat well, without putting in the prep time. Each blogger posted a unique coupon code that encouraged people to order from Terra’s Kitchen, which allowed us to track sales by influencer.

In another campaign for Terra’s Kitchen, which included Raleigh and Charleston, we incorporated health and fitness influencers. When analyzing the campaign metrics, we learned something unexpected… The biggest social engagement and click-through rates didn’t come from the mom blogs, but rather the health and fitness segment. What really resonated with the audience was the clean aesthetic, gorgeous original photography, and healthy living angle of the fitness and nutrition focused blogs.

We took these learnings and shifted our strategy for the most recent campaign (designed for a nationwide audience) and partnered with almost only health and fitness influencers. Not only did they generate beautiful content on their blog, they amplified it across their highly trafficked social channels. Terra’s Kitchen joined in the social conversations, which showed great customer service and a relatable brand personality. Another important lesson: it wasn’t always the biggest blogs that generated the highest engagement—some smaller sites actually rallied the most passionate new fans.

One of the best things about working with a client that is new to the market is that, together, we tested what worked and what didn’t to find the right audience. Strategies can and should evolve based on what the metrics present. Even if a program was intended for a certain niche, you may find out that there’s a different niche that will actually drive the best results. Compared to the Raleigh/Charleston campaign, social engagement quadrupled and the blog engagement rate soared for the most recent campaign with the new strategy.

Through strategic influencer partnerships, our program helped differentiate Terra’s Kitchen from the competition, connect the brand with the right audience, and deliver more meals to happy (hungry!) customers.

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