Crafting an effective Facebook content strategy for your brand takes time and perseverance – but the good news is that the platform offers an excellent suite of tools to make this process easier.

Facebook Insights provide detailed information on who your fans are, and what kind of content they like. Learn how to get the most out of your Page’s Insights, and tailor your content for maximum engagement. Here are five helpful tips to get you started.

1. Check in on your Overview often.

You don’t have to obsessively refresh your Facebook Insights, but do get in the habit of monitoring them regularly. Build it into your regular social media schedule, whether it’s first thing each morning or every few days, to browse highlights in your Overview. You can filter results by: Yesterday, Last 7 Days or Last 28 Days. Get a broad sense of how your audience is engaging with your Page and individual posts, and study the reach and engagement rate of your five most recent posts.

2. See when your audience is active.

Click on Posts on the left sidebar navigation, and study the graph of what time of day your fans were active during the last seven days. Keeping an eye on this week to week will give you helpful insight into when you should schedule content.

3. Dig deeper into Posts.

Scroll down further on the Posts page to see analytics on all of the content you’ve published. Scan the list to see which posts have received the highest reach (paid vs. organic), engagement rate, post clicks, etc. Pay attention to the content type that tends to receive the highest engagement; for example, you might notice that photos and videos do well with your audience, but links to articles aren’t getting much attention.

Click on high-performing posts to see more details: number of people reached, reactions, comments, shares and post clicks. What can you learn about the posts with high engagement? What patterns do you see with popular content?

4. Understand your audience.

Click on People on the sidebar, and get to know your fans better. Here you’ll see a breakdown by gender, age and location. What demographics are best represented in your audience? Do you have more men or women fans? Millennials or Baby Boomers? Where are the majority of people located? Are there any surprises?

5. Use Insights to shape future content

The biggest takeaway from Facebook Insights is that you should use the data to plan your future content strategy. Analyze what you know about your audience, high-performing posts and overall trends to determine what content will resonate with fans. Test your hypotheses, and track the results. What times of day yield the best engagement? What types of content? How can you use what you learn to create more similar posts?

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