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Mobile Engagement, Proximity Messaging, and More: Future Trends in Digital Marketing

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Attention digital marketers: As you contemplate your company’s marketing strategies for the coming year and beyond, be sure to read Forbes contributor Sujan Patel’s six predictions for 2015. Patel formulated this roundup after consulting with 20 seasoned marketing experts about the changing digital marketing landscape, and quotes from them liberally throughout. Here are the highlights…

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Storytelling Versus Storymaking

Anyone engaged in business has heard about the import of employing storytelling as a means of selling. Stories are a tool scientifically proven to boost sales, and are highly effective not only for short-term profit, but for brand loyalty and advocacy. According to Yesware’s The Exchange, Neuroeconomics pioneer Paul Zak says that, “Stories are powerful…

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Blogs Give Real Boost to Brand Marketing

We came across this delightful little nugget while reading Direct Marketing News the other day: Blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchasing decisions than magazines.  That stat just sort of popped out at us while we were reading DM News Senior Editor Natasha D. Smith’s take on this year’s trends in social media marketing.…

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#Fantographer: Advertising With Your Followers

Social media has already massively dispersed the reach of major brands in recent years. Now a trend toward user-generated content is putting on display even more of social media’s advertising muscle by placing more of the creative burden on consumers themselves. Major companies like Frito-Lay, Coca-Cola, and Applebee’s have launched initiatives which have fans submit…

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The Day My Article Went Viral


In addition to my role at MtoM, I occasionally do some freelance writing. Over the past year, I’ve added a few publications to my resume and it’s been very cool writing for new audiences across different categories. One of the publications I write for is HelloGiggles; it’s a fun, girl power-y, pop culture-y site that…

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Wall Street Journal on Influencer Marketing

We were thrilled to see the following article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday: “The Best Way to Play the Influencer Game.” While we know and appreciate the impact of a great content marketing strategy, it was great to see the WSJ add some credibility to the tactic. One of our favorite nuggets from the…

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