If you’re one of the many marketers tasked with getting viewers to tune in to a new or returning TV show, it’s time to start looking into Twitter Parties and live tweeting. Not only does these tactics drive huge engagement numbers, they can also help pump up ratings.

Need more proof? Live-tweeting boosts follower growth rate and conversations. According to Twitter research, live-tweeting increases follower rates by 15% for the show and 228% for cast members. 228%! Live-tweeting helps build an audience for a show and allows for engagement that leads to large end results. Along with increasing follower growth rates, conversations are also a big factor in the success of a show. Live-tweeting helps to increase the volume of Tweets about a show. Tweeting from cast members during the premiere of a show had 64% more tweets than programs that did nothing. Having cast members tweet while the program airs drives conversations which promotes engagement.

live tweeting

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