Why You Should Use Cinemagraphs in Facebook Ads

Not quite a photo, not quite a video, a cinemagraph is a captivating way to tell a story and bring your Facebook advertising to life.

What is a Cinemagraph?

To call a cinemagraph a GIF would be doing it a disservice, though it does refine the same fundamental idea. It layers a short, infinitely looping animation on top of a static image; for example, a crackling fireplace in a cozy room, or a light breeze blowing a woman’s hair away from her face. The finished product is elegant, understated and oddly hypnotic.  

The artists (and husband and wife team) Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg pioneered the cinemagraph and have created them for brands including Ecco Domani wines and Lincoln Motor Co. Burg describes a cinemagraph as “a photograph that has a living moment inside of it.”

It’s now possible to integrate cinemagraphs into Facebook ads – and you should.   

Why Cinemagraphs and Facebook Are a Perfect Match

With more and more brands investing in Facebook advertising, it can be a challenge to stand out among your competitors. Facebook users get tired of seeing ad after ad in their newsfeeds, simply scrolling by without engaging. But a well-designed cinemagraph is subtle, yet catches their attention in a positive way. People can’t seem to look away, and they opt into the brand’s message. A cinemagraph ad achieves that tricky balance of being both non-intrusive and memorable.  

What Makes a Good Cinemagraph?

A cinemagraph should tell a story to connect with your audience. The format works best when the imagery is pared-down and highly focused; a successful cinemagraph captures a moment that feels alive and personal. There shouldn’t be so much going on that it distracts from your message. Opt for nuanced over flashy; choose a single element to add motion to, and leave the rest still for maximum impact. When you have a story worth telling, a cinemagraph-based Facebook ad is the perfect medium to engage your audience.  

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