How long are the most engaging tweets? How long are the most viewed videos on YouTube? How many characters are in the best performing Facebook updates? How long should email subject lines be? AdWeek just released a great infographic: The Ideal Length of Everything Online. Below are a couple of helpful snippets pulled from the infographic as well as the infographic itself.

– Facebook: Posts with 40 characters receive 86% more engagement than posts with a higher character count.

– Domain names: The best domain names are short, easy to remember and spell, don’t contain hyphens or numbers, and have a .com extension.

– Hashtags: Don’t use spaces or special characters, don’t start with or only use numbers, and be careful with using slang.

– Email subjects: Subject lines containing 28-39 characters get an open rate of 12.2 % and clickrate of 4% on average.

Infographic: Perfect Length of all things online

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