How and why you should be increasing your followers on Instagram

If you have an Internet connection, you’ve probably noticed that Instagram has become pretty important in the daily lives of most folks. This is especially true if you’re involved with sales, marketing, or any other aspect of running a business. With over one billion active users on Instagram and more than 50% of revenue generated across 14 major social media industries, growing an Instagram following is essential in order to expand sales. The most important step is understanding the algorithm and using it to your advantage. It’s important to remember that Instagram growth requires continuous effort and demands a time commitment. You probably won’t see results overnight, but over time you’ll gradually see a snowball effect.

Instagram used to categorize its user’s posts by chronological order until 2016 when it switched to an algorithm based entirely on “relevancy.” Meaning? Instagram places content higher up in users’ feeds and on the explore page based on key factors which deem a post relevant; such as likes and comments.

Using newer features such as Instagram Reels, as opposed to IGTV or a regular photo, will normally take priority in feed placement. Additionally, the more likes and comments your content gets, the more relevant your content will be, creating a snowball effect. Utilizing simple tips, such as showing a physical person in your content, is shown to yield 38% more likes.

Creating content and captions that inspire users to comment will also add to relevancy. A very easy way to double your comments is to respond to as many people as possible. The more comments you have, the better your feed placement will be; and in return, you will also build a healthy relationship with your customers! As for when to post, looking through your Instagram analytics will tell you when your followers are most active. Posting during peak hours will help maximize reach on your posts.

Many businesses typically do not post nearly enough on social media. Tests have suggested that increasing posting frequency will increase not only your engagement but your follower growth as well. Posting every 1-2 days is considered optimal. With a frequency this often, this provides an opportunity to get creative! Engage with followers, build relationships, and promote your values. Posting a balance between product/services, comedic skits, and general content will always leave you with new content ideas to strengthen and broaden your current audience.

Instagram accounts can also grow through funding. If you have a budget, many successful influencers will host giveaways sponsored by companies, with an entry requirement being to follow your account. This is an excellent way to quickly grow your account overnight, however, it comes with the price of not all of your followers will be genuinely interested in what you post (due to outside incentives bringing them to your page).

However, if you are looking for organic growth through a budget to speed up the process, we recommend promoting your content through Instagram. This allows you to send your content out to a targeted audience and raise awareness of your account.  With these tools, you’re well on your way to making the most out of your Instagram presence.  



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