Is TikTok Right for you or your Business?

By now, you’ve most likely heard of TikTok either from the media or from a peer. TikTok has become an integral part of people’s lives as users log on to TikTok for comedic relief, to learn a new dance, or find a new product thanks to #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. 

Even businesses are hopping on TikTok to see what the buzz is about. TikTok can be a useful platform for your business due to its casual nature and viral capabilities. User-generated content creates a more authentic way of sharing your business or product. Case in point: Aerie customers raved about their leggings on TikTok leading the product to sell out. Aerie was then able to leverage their newfound popularity by creating the Crossover Shop, replicating the design on the waistband of the viral leggings in swimsuit bottoms and biker shorts. 

TikTok doesn’t come easily to everyone — even for a twenty-year-old like me. I’ve stayed strong and avoided being sucked into the TikTok arena, despite many of my friends constantly referencing TikTok trends and influencers. It is easy to get drawn into TikTok for hours (so I’ve heard) with TikTok even admitting that their platform is designed to be more like Netflix and less like Instagram. While interning at MtoM this summer, I’ve learned TikTok is so much more than an app that people make dance videos on; it is an invaluable tool for businesses that are now able to educate millions of users on their product and ultimately improve their bottom line. 

If you’re thinking about logging on to TikTok either for your business or your brand, consider creating organic TikToks before investing in paid ads. Organic TikToks play into the casual, authentic nature of TikTok and may appear more relatable to your customers. However, if paid ads are right for your goals or brand, we suggest using the Top View ad format which appears a few seconds after users open the app. The first three seconds of any TikTok are critical, so make sure to capture your audience right away. Ad World also suggests not showing your brand logo in the first few seconds, using a trend on the for you page, and making sure your content is shareable. 

Whether you decide to join the TikTok craze for fun or to take your business to the next level, be sure to follow our TikTok tips and tricks found on our social channels and our MtoM Minute on Facebook and LinkedIn Live. Follow us on TikTok @mtomconsulting for intern and team introductions coming soon! 

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