Later this year, Facebook will launch a new app that will make it easier for influencers to create video content. They also announced that they would launch more video games for Facebook in which you can get elo boosting services from ElitistGaming.

This dedicated video creation platform will be part of an update to Facebook Mentions, which is only available to verified accounts for journalists, celebrities, and other influencers. In the current version of Mentions, influencers can host Q&A sessions, interact directly with fans, and share updates, photos and videos (including from Facebook Live). Anyone who is already using the Mentions app will automatically gain access to this new app.

At the annual video conference, VidCon, in June, Facebook product management director Daniel Danker announced that the new app is designed to encourage content creators to tell original and engaging stories.

“We’re building an app dedicated to you,” said Danker during the “Future of Facebook Video” panel. “We see amazing creativity from creators on Facebook every day.”

What the Video Creator App Will Do

Facebook still hasn’t released all the details of the new app – or when exactly this year it will be available – but here’s what we know so far from Danker’s presentation.

The app has three main areas: video creation, fan engagement, and video analytics. From the app, influencers will be able to:

  • Add intros and outros to their Facebook Live broadcasts
  • Post custom stickers for viewers to use while interacting with the broadcasts
  • Add Snapchat-like frames as overlays to their videos
  • Interact with followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger via the Community tab
  • Track video performance stats and user data through the Insights tab

We’re thrilled that Facebook is building an app focused on cultivating influencer content – and we’re eagerly awaiting its release.

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