Over the past month we have seen a steady stream of digital marketing predictions for 2017–which forms of content to focus on, which platforms will thrive and which will continue to decline, strategies to implement–the list goes on and on. And if you’re a social media strategist, you’re paying close attention and strategizing about which apps should live in your treasured “social media essentials” folder on your phone. We compiled a list of apps that will be your BFF this year!

MtoM’s Social Media Essentials:

Facebook’s Pages

Facebook is a social media giant and is leading the livestreaming and video content rally. It is crucial to have the Pages app downloaded, so that you can not only keep up-to-date with your pages’ every day engagement, but quickly publish live video to increase your organic reach instantly.


With Instagram Stories expanding capabilities, Instagram is another must-have app. Reach your target audience by optimizing ads, posting engaging content, capturing stories and most important, livestreaming!

YouTube Live

YouTube recently launched its YouTube Live app, allowing for brands to grow their live-streaming network. While it had it’s kinks in the beginning, YouTube Live is another great app to have downloaded (those issues have been worked out!).

Apps with livestreaming capabilities are going to be key in the coming year. Additionally, social media platforms are rewarding brands who push out different forms of videos (live-streaming, gifs, cinemagraphs, short and long-form, etc). Here are some of the best video editing apps:


Lumyer is one of our favorites–allowing strategists to create quick, eye-catching videos. Easily choose a photo, add an effect and export your video in a flash!


Capturing your audience’s attention in an overcrowded space can be challenging. Using Instagram’s Boomerang app is the perfect way to create snappy content that will keep your followers engaged.


Are your editors backed up with projects and you need a polished video posted asap? Gravie is your answer! Gravie allows you to add text to videos, creating quality social content in a shortened amount of time.   

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