As every article and outlet pushes marketers and brands to use Facebook Live, the increasing amount of videos directed at consumers prompts one big question: how do you get them to actually view your video? While the streaming time is best kept short, one would hope to keep a viewer for longer than 3 seconds of a 30 second video.

Restaurants are not exempt from this obstacle, and furthermore, the industry faces different struggles when producing these types of videos. You want to share recipes, but don’t want to give away every trade secret in your kitchen.. Chefs strive to show the dining experience to give the viewer an idea of space and atmosphere, yet this type of video can’t be done every week without becoming old quickly. So how does a burger joint or Bib Gourmand break through the barrier of recipe videos and live streams?

  1. Think outside of the kitchen. Facebook Live videos are best short in length with small pieces of information rather an infographic’s worth. What is the proper way to serve wine? Do you know how to flip pizza dough? How about sharing a food and wine pairing that your viewers can’t wait to try? You may think that the best way to pour a beer is common knowledge but would be surprised to find how much of your audience will stick around to learn.
  2. Put a face behind the brand. One of the easiest ways to create a connection between you and your viewers is adding a personal element. Share your trip that inspired the summer menu, the brewery tour that inspired your passion for craft beer, or the hilarious story that led to that cocktail name.
  3. Weather, seasons, politics, trending hashtags…the list goes on. Capitalize on what aspects are influencing your audience’s life that day. Is it rainy out? Tie it into why your soup of the day is worth a trip to your location. Is there a fun, viral moment happening on Twitter? Play into it. (Don’t want to associate your brand with politics? Skip it.) Remember though, not every hashtag or trending topic will fit your brand. It can hurt more than help if you try too hard to make something “fit”.
  4. Don’t wait for your audience to come up with questions–ask!. Create higher engagement and build on connecting with your audience by prompting them. What would you like us to make live next week? Anyone have suggestions for what to substitute instead of a specific ingredient? How spicy do you like it to be? Making your followers part of the conversation will keep them engaged and coming back for more.

Think that you might forget your gameplan or one of your tips? Keep a small sheet of notes nearby and out of camera sight in case you have to glance at them. Keep it organic and as unscripted as you can. In this case, practice doesn’t have to make perfect. Now, go Live!

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