Trendsetter Alert: Keeping Up With The Latest In Wearable Tech Trends!

Apple WatchUnless you’ve purposefully removed yourself from Social Media or the internet in general over the past week it is no secret that the Apple Watch is finally here and available for purchase. From sporty to bling you can customize this smart watch to fit your lifestyle and personality. However, their is so much more to this $5 billion wearable tech industry than the Apple Watch and in this post we’ll explore them. 

1) Activity Trackers Intersect with Fashion

Tory Burch Fitbit BandAs fitness and health and wellness continue to ingratiate fully into our daily lives brands like Nike Band, Fitbit and Jawbone are intersecting with fashion. No longer just clunky bands on your wrist they are getting sleeker, smaller and more discreet.  Tory Burch is the latest designer to launch a new bracelet to hold your Fitbit. And, if you’d rather put a ring on it then look no further than the start-up Ringly launching this Spring, which is a fashion ring that notifies you when you have a text, a phone call or calendar alert.

2) Smart Watches

generic_black_bandsV1In addition to the Apple Watch, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Pebble, Moto 360 and LG all have Smart Watches currently on the market. Ranging in prices starting as low at $150 and with an average cost of $350 their is a watch to fit every budget and taste. Whether you prefer a digital interface or the traditional look of an analog watch and depending on your wireless carrier you can find a Smart Watch to suit your taste and needs.  With most offering text, phone, and calendar alerts some take it a step further and offer activity tracker capabilities as well. 2015 is definitely the year of the Smart Watch and if you’re on the market to make a purchase be sure to check out Tech Radar’s review of the best watches on the market! 

3) High Tech Pets

WonderwoofIf you’re in the Early Adapter category when it comes to the latest wearable technology, why not make sure your four legged friend is too. New to the market and unveiled at CES this year are fitness trackers for your pets. Monitoring their movement and behavior throughout the day as well as your pet’s temperature, sending you an alert if fido’s temp goes outside the safe zone. Wonderwoof and Fitbark are two great examples launching next month. Both have wearable trackers available for pre-order with an average cost of $99.95 and integrate with an app on your phone or tablet.

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