Jason Del Ray from Re/code¬†reported yesterday that Buy Now buttons were seen on Twitter in tweets from the Fancy shopping app. No one from Twitter is confirming or denying the buy now buttons and they haven’t given any details about what we should expect from an e-commerce integration on Twitter. An early discoverer of the button said that they could click on it were brought to a checkout page within the Twitter app (the buttons were only seen in the mobile app). Re/code could not replicate this when they tried to click on the buttons.

We hope this was an accidental reveal of something coming soon to Twitter. Obviously an in-app e-commerce experience is ideal for us that are marketing to moms (and the vast quantity of people that are using social media on mobile devices). Our success in driving e-commerce sales on Facebook comes from the advanced advertising and targeting options and we look forward to additional abilities and options on Twitter and on Pinterest as we mentioned in a recent post. Keep your eyes open to see what comes in the next few weeks.

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