How to Stay Connected in a Remote Office

The transition back into the office has already started for most companies. While some people may be excited to get back into the buzz of the office, most people are perfectly content staying at home. If your company is like MtoM and has chosen to stay remote, these 5 tips will help you stay connected and create the best work environment possible. 

  1. Create daily check-ins. Having a daily check-in with your whole team allows for better communication as well as time for bonding regularly. Daily check-ins are also a great time to communicate goals or objectives, either for the day or long-term. Whether you need to brainstorm a new idea, ask for help on a project, or share a win, starting your morning off with a daily check-in is the perfect way to do so. Being able to see your team’s facial expressions is helpful to see how things are going, how people are doing, and what they might need. 
  2. Take time to have virtual happy hours or hangouts. Scheduling virtual hangouts or happy hours can help bring your team closer together to get a feel for the work environment that would have been created in the office. Our senior intern, Anna, organized a virtual game night for us a few weeks ago. We played Gartic Phone, which combines telephone with Pictionary, and we absolutely loved it! It was the perfect mid-week break that left my face hurting from laughing so much. As you can tell from the pictures below, some of us are better artists than others (I am clearly not the most creative).
  3. Use tools such as Slack for constant communication. Here at MtoM, we use Slack to communicate with each other about project details, new information, or just to share pictures from a fun weekend we had. Alternatively, check out Microsoft Teams, RocketChat, or Discord as a communication platform. Whatever it may be, platforms like these are a great way to keep everyone in the loop, especially when working remotely. 
  4. Offer in-person hangouts when available. Depending on where your employees are located, offer in-person meet-ups! This is a great way to add an in-person aspect to your company’s work environment without having to be in the office all day. One of the major downsides of working from home is losing in-person interactions. Offering in-person meetups for your office may be just what your employees need. 
  5. Ask your employees for feedback! If you’re on the fence on whether or not to transition back into the office – ask your employees! Ultimately, your decision should be based on whatever is best for your team and your company. Allowing your employees to express what they want, makes them feel valued and will help in determining what work setting makes them the most productive. 


Cultivating relationships with your employees, and creating a work environment that allows for open communication will work wonders for your business. Whether you’re working in the office or from home, remember to stay connected with your employees. 

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