How Does Digital Life Affect Our Overall Well-Being?

As digital technology continues to evolve and expand, it opens up countless new opportunities for connection, commerce, work and play. Our mobile devices are so integrated into our lives that it’s hard to imagine how we did anything – run businesses, order food, fight boredom, date – without them. But despite all the benefits we…

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Self-Care & Tech Can Coexist

For people of all ages, from millennials to baby boomers, self-care is a hot topic of conversation. Browse any number of studies, magazine articles and online lists, and you’ll find tips for improving self-care. Often these strategies focus on unplugging from technology to boost health and wellness. But technology and self-care are not mutually exclusive.…

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MtoM Launches New Women’s Lifestyle Brand

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new venture: a women’s lifestyle maximization brand called and/life! The and/life app is now available on iPhone and Android – and without hyperbole, we can say that it will change your life in a lasting and positive way. What is and/life? MtoM is partnering with fitness…

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