Social Media Insights You Need to Know

We are always scanning the industry blogs and publications for updates that will have implications for our clients and for social media in general. There are quite a few updates that will have an impact on the content you create, the ads that you are running, and how you should post on each channel. Here is a wrap up of industry news that we think is important.

  1. Business Insider is reporting that that Facebook is tweaking the video algorithm to favor original video. This means that sharing other's videos will not get the same organic reach as creating your own video. An even more important reason for you to put together a regular video strategy now.
  2. Facebook will be rolling out their dating feature in the United States soon and it will utilize the double opt-in connection like most popular dating apps. The feature is called Secret Crush and it is currently available in many countries, but not the U.S. yet.
  3. Is Instagram really getting rid of likes?! They are testing the removal of public facing like counts in Canada and it will be interesting to see if they roll it out everywhere. This changes the focus of evaluating content for yourself, rather than the pressure to like something that is popular. Could be really good for the self-esteem of teens (and adults) too!
  4. Facebook video ads are now continuing to play while you browse the linked URL. It allows potential customers to peruse your CTA while still hearing your ad message.
video ad1
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