Increase contrast, reduce saturation, change brightness! Photo editing can become a time-consuming ordeal, but it’s necessary to deliver an image that will stand out for a few seconds before being lost in the mass of content.

The Foodie App has taken my lackluster pictures and turned them into perfectly balanced, vivid images with a click of a filter. While Instagram has its fair share of filters and plenty of other photo editing apps exist, Foodie is the simplest application I have used that requires less time than your typical multi-tool editor.

Created to bring life to food photos, Foodie features numerous filters that are easy to switch through. The application allows users to access photos stored on their device or snap a picture in the app. Just like Instagram, users browse through the filters to select their favorite.

The filters are broken down into categories like Yum, Sweet, Fresh, Chewy, Crispy, and so on. The categories are meant to match a description that would enhance the best characteristics of your food. For example, a salad would look great under a Yum filter, but the Fresh filters will make the bold colors really stand out. The filter transparency can be lightened; however, this is the only editing tool the user has access to.

Before & After

20150715_134922 IMG_1232





Foodie is not just for salads and cocktails. This app has stepped up the photo game for many other images outside of the food realm.

IMG_1229 IMG_1230





It is free at the app store and promises many more filters to come.

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