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MtoM’s Top Initiatives for 2017: #2 Live Streaming

As we kick off 2017 here at MtoM, we’re taking some time to reflect on our predictions and goals. We have defined three 2017 initiative that will shape our work for the next year: user-generated content, live streaming video and virtual reality. We’re exploring each topic in detail in a three-part blog series; check out our first post on UGC. Now let’s talk about the importance of live streaming video for brands!

What’s Happening with Live Streaming

In recent years, live streaming video has quickly transformed from a new medium to an essential way people consume content. Access to fast live streaming video has increased dramatically as more sites and services offer it, and as mobile devices become omnipresent.

It’s now commonplace to watch major world events, such as the presidential inauguration or the Women’s March in Washington, unfold live on your screen. But it’s also not unusual to tune into smaller events that match with your interests – concerts, fashion shows, press conferences, news updates. Live streaming is becoming part of the fabric of our everyday lives, which means brands can’t ignore its importance.

Facebook Live is leading the live streaming game right now; Facebook is the most popular app in the world, and live video is a major priority for the brand. But other platforms are still competing for their share of viewers. Twitter and Periscope recently launched live 360-degree streams – which brands like Toyota and Airbnb are already testing out to offer their audience interactive video experiences.

MtoM’s Vision for Live Streaming Video

The novelty of live video will not wear off any time soon. Viewers are engaging with it consistently across multiple platforms, and brands have nothing to lose by broadcasting on all of them. At MtoM, we live stream our own content, as well as influencer marketing campaigns for clients, on Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram Live, YouTube simultaneously.

Live video is a seamless fit for influencer campaigns because it offers so much versatility and creativity. Each company can put its own unique spin on content, drawing viewers in with useful, entertaining and relevant videos. Because videos are broadcast live (yet still accessible later), they have an inherent energy and excitement that highly polished ads and commercial pieces can’t replicate.

Our goal is to develop more long-term relationships between brands and influencers, using live streaming video as the medium. We want these dynamic influencers to become stars for the brands they represent, building a following and producing stellar content. For example, a food brand would come to life on social media with an influencer who hosted live videos of cooking, market excursions, or behind-the-scenes tours of the company.

MtoM is also interested in improving the production value of live streaming video, while still maintaining its authentic feel. We’re in conversations with Roker Media about a possible partnership. Roker Media is an expert in high-quality live streaming production and could help us add even more value to content for our clients, through features such as text and social feed overlay and multicamera, in-studio and on location shoots.

As live streaming continues to penetrate the market, MtoM will continue to stay on the cusp of new technologies and platforms to create the most compelling and engaging content for our brands and clients.

Stay tuned for Part III in our 2017 series.

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