Influencers + Professional Videographers= Awesome!

As marketers we all know that video is a very important part of our content strategy and we are gearing up for it to become even more important in 2016. According to Cisco VNI, consumer internet video traffic will go from 64% in 2014 to surpass 80% by 2019. Marketers are responding by shifting television advertising budget to online video. In fact over two-thirds of marketers indicated as such in a video ad spend survey by IAB.

So clearly the challenge lies in creating enough high-quality video content that is both engaging and resonates with your audience. We know that millennials hate advertisements and appreciate a brand with an authentic message. We have been utilizing influencers to help us create that connection for years on their blogs and social channels. And now we are taking it to the next level to co-create incredible video content with our influencers that can feed our omni channel marketing strategy.

MtoM has a network of videographers across the country (and beyond) that work with the influencers to create exceptional content that still feels “real.” It generally isn’t shot in a studio with a team of corporate brand managers directing the shoot. Instead, the influencer is the director and star. We help them craft a script they feel comfortable with and that is in line with the way they interact with their audience.

Since the videos have a level of polish that a professional videographer provides, they can be utilized across your marketing efforts. We have clients that have used them in stores and showrooms, on their websites, in emails, and more.

Here are a few examples of recent campaigns. The first stars Chelsea Charles for the Marriott in Charlotte City Center to share the amazing things to see and do in Charlotte. The second features Heather Armstrong of for Culturelle probiotics. Different styles with great storytelling via online video!



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