‘Mobilegeddon’ is Here: Is Your Site Ready?

Back in February we posted a head’s up about Google’s new mobile-friendly label, which the company has started attaching to smartphone search results to let consumers know from the get-go which sites play nicest on the platform. At the time, Google had been testing a new algorithm that would factor in a site’s mobile appeal…

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How to use live video streaming for your business

Periscope, Twitter’s live video streaming app, launched last week to much fanfare. Like Meerkat, a similar app, it enables you to broadcast live video from a mobile device, in real time, to the world or to a private invite-only audience. The app requires iOS and is optimized for iPhones (see details on iTunes’ app store…

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Advertising: From Billboards to Buzzfeed

advertising buzzfeed

Remember the days when someone would point out a car window to an amusing billboard? If you’re like me, those days are vague and fading. Advertisements no longer hold my interest as I’m not seeking an injury lawyer, local specialized business, or, rarely, the next fast food stop off the interstate. I do remember the…

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Hyperlapse by Instagram is Super Cool

I had so much fun trying out the new Hyperlapse app from Instagram in New York this past week. I am not a great cinematographer but I am going to have fun playing with this app. My next video will be of the exhibit floor at the ABC Kids Expo. The Hyperlapse app creates amazing…

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Snapchat Snazzes Up Its Functionality

Late last week, Snapchat unveiled its latest product update — and it was jam packed with new features. The biggest addition is text messaging functionality. In a blog post on their site, they go into a little background explaining their new addition: “But until today, we felt that Snapchat was missing an important part of…

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Facebook Newsfeed: What Does it Mean for Facebook Marketing?

Everywhere You Go See the same clean look wherever you use Facebook — on mobile, tablet, or web.   The announced redesign of the Facebook newsfeed today has me very excited! The goal is to provide a clean, clutter free newsfeed that is consistent across devices- mobile, tablet, or computer. The opportunities for mobile marketing…

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