Revolution Cooking Interview

In an interview on Friday, July 15th, Revolution Cooking dives into its intentions and experiences with influencer marketing. The company has relied on influencer marketing to promote its Revolution Toaster, which they introduced in 2019.

Revolution Cooking revealed that the rise of TikTok, especially during the pandemic, proved to be a great help, resulting in a quick turnaround of traffic and sales. They found particular growth once rapper Lil Yachty posted a viral TikTok showing the features of his Revolution Toaster, amassing almost 18M views and 4M likes. After becoming known as the “TikTok Toaster,” Revolution Cooking realized the benefits of marketing through social media channels. They sought to capitalize on this, showcasing new products and features, and aiming to bring more joy to cooking. 

Since entering the world of influencer marketing, Revolution Cooking has used their platforms to post innovative recipes and information about promotions. One of the most prominent benefits of influencer marketing is the immediate and tangible ability to measure success—whether in terms of sales, followers, viewers, or traffic patterns. It’s advantageous to link certain sales with contributing posts.

Revolution Cooking then provided insight into their positive journey working with an agency. Being a smaller team, the company has used MtoM Consulting’s resources to aid with influencer marketing for over a year now. Hiring an agency has allowed MtoM to provide professional assistance on tedious marketing tasks, catering its approach to the brand.

Through this process, Revolution Cooking has learned the importance of trial and error. Contracting various influencers means incurring risks, and no one marketing route is foolproof. Some influencers you’d expect to be perfect for your brand might not succeed, and you might find success in influencers you’d never predict would work.

Influencer marketing has been an overall success for this company. Through quarterly surveys, Revolution Cooking has discovered that a high rate of customers have found the brand on social media, especially TikTok—hence their viral moniker of the “TikTok Toaster”! They are excited to share that a Costco influencer’s post was so successful that it sold out the product on Costco’s website in the span of one weekend.

Revolution Cooking often experiences follower growth from influencer marketing. A recent influencer video received 11M views and led to hundreds of additional followers. However, what’s even more important is tracking engagement and ensuring that it’s maintained within influencer content so it can bring traffic to the website and retailers. Engagement data is weighted highly when enacting linking and tagging strategies.

 Tying in influencer marketing with their PR efforts has allowed Revolution Cooking to remain consistent in brands and themes. In the future, Revolution Cooking hopes to increase these ties and expand their scope, spreading their influencer content to web and retail channels.

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