Here are two brainstorming games we like to play for getting the PR creative juices flowing. We purchased this Paper Easel Pad for brainstorming from Amazon and we think it is essential to get the whole group to be creative and to share ideas.

Free Flow

  • Any thoughts, words that come to mind
  • No thoughts or ideas are bad
  • Be present- not on the computer or phone
  • Be fearless, say anything- it could spark another idea
  • Don’t do this exercise if you don’t have the time to really focus on it or finish

Ego Alter

  • Use a celebrity as an inspiration for creative ideas
  • Name lots of celebrities and write down their names
  • Pick one from the list
  • If they were the brand’s spokesperson, what would they do- have a fashion show, do something charitable, etc.
  • Use those inspirations to come up with your own concept, event, or promotion

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