Here at MtoM, we like to think of ourselves as experts in social media and digital marketing. We work hard to stay on top of how people and the world communicate with one another. We have our pulse on the latest apps and news that affects the social sharing space. We know what engages people and what makes them want to connect.

And now, we are excited to use all of this to help others through our new initiative, MtoYou. It is important to us as a company to use our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for good. MtoYou is an opportunity for our staff to do what we do best to help others, with the support of the MtoM agency. We each have causes that we feel passionate about and this program is an opportunity for us to support them during our work hours.

The MtoYou mission is simple: we provide social media and digital marketing expertise to nonprofits to help market their organization to today’s audience. Our goal is to enable nonprofits through education and training to execute their own successful digital marketing strategy. We offer strategy, social media training and best practices, digital marketing webinars, basic content packages (graphics, short videos, etc.) and blog writing.

Organizations that are interested in participating in MtoYou will be able to apply on the website. We want to hear about your mission and goals to determine if it’s a good fit for the program. We’ll then set up a consultation with our selected partners and assess how we’re best able to assist you. Each organization has different needs and goals, so we’ll determine our scope of work based on those parameters and our ability to meet them.

We are very excited to help others through MtoYou and look forward to making a difference! You can learn more and apply here.








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