Facebook Update May Lead to a Rise in Influencer Marketing

Since Facebook announced the latest changes to its News Feed algorithm, industry reactions have been mixed – ranging from cautious optimism to full-scale panic.

With this recent update, Facebook is concentrating on building more authentic connections and meaningful interactions within its audience. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that news and branded content will show up less in the News Feed, leaving space for posts from family and friends.

At first glance, this change appears to be bad news for brands that depend on Facebook for their marketing campaigns. But it may be a huge opportunity for brands that already invest in influencer marketing – or are ready to take the plunge. So why might this new direction benefit influencers and their followers?

Facebook wants user-generated content.

Facebook has made it clear that real people and real relationships will be at the center of their updated News Feed. Influencers already work hard to create content that resonates with their audience; they succeed when they build and grow a loyal community of followers.

Smart brands do their homework, and find influencers who have strong existing relationships with their audience. These influencers create photos, videos and written posts that engage their followers, inspiring them to like, comment and share. And because influencers are real people – not companies – their content is much more likely to benefit from Facebook’s new priorities than regular brand posts.

Influencers can tell a brand’s story in a genuine way.

Consumers are savvy about advertising; they’ve learned to skip over or block brands’ attempts to catch their attention online. But when brands partner with influencers, they approach their target audience in a more personal and honest way. Influencers tell a brand’s story from the point of view of a consumer – someone who shares the same questions, preferences, and concerns as other customers.

Facebook users see influencer content as inherently more trustworthy, which should give it a distinct advantage over standard brand content. Brands that want to stand out on the new Facebook need to work with influencers who can communicate their message in a genuine, personalized way.

Less competition gives influencers more room to shine.

As Facebook de-emphasizes posts from businesses in the News Feed, there will be more room for updates from personal connections – but also from influencers. Until recently, news articles and viral videos have taken up a significant chunk of real estate in the feed. Now that this type of content will decrease, influencers will have more opportunities to attract the attention of interested audiences. If brands focus on forming lasting, authentic partnerships with influencers, they can also benefit from Facebook’s new changes.


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