Whether you have 100 followers or 10 million, everyone wants a more meaningful social media presence. In today’s world of twitter that is full of everyone from the President of the Unites States to your 13-year-old neighbor, it is important to be creating content that will make you visible to your target market, as well as attracting new followers with rich content.

Meg Fitzpatrick from Buffer.com published an article of how she manages her account of 11 million followers and how her social strategy has consistently kept their twitter-verse expanding. Fitzpatrick highlights 5 main points that are essential in fighting your way through the clutter in the world of Twitter and other platforms.

  1. Content Creation – Using tech savvy to create media that is relevant to your business, can attract new users, and keep loyal followers around is a key part to your success. Be sure to use a variety of different content from videos to design work created in house. People want to see new and fresh ideas so creating something from scratch is an excellent way to cut through the typical stock image pool.
  1. Content Curation – Finding meaningful content to share that is relevant to the voice you are portraying as a company or private entity. You want to share content from other users that is pertinent to your business and will provide your readers with another content experience outside of what you offer.
  1. Social Media Amplification – Creating a media presence that readers love to come to and share content from is an important component of maintaining and growing a reader following.
  1. Social Media Conversations – This is arguably the most important factor of running a social media network. Using your platforms to engage in and follow up with comments or tweets will make an exponential difference in the relationship between a business and their online community. Making readers feel like their voice is being heard and responded to will grow their loyalty to a company that simply posting will not.
  1. Social Media Comments – While having a large following on social media is a sought after element of being successful, making sure that followers are actual people who aren’t spamming each post is a regular task that ensures a more realistic experience between followers and your platforms. Be sure to clean out spam comments on posts to keep this environment one that you’ve worked so hard to create.

Making an impact in a Social Media world that is so saturated requires time and effort. Using these tools to manage your platforms will increase the kind of following can take a social media user from a standard media presence to one that can become a household name.

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