Snap’s IPO Moves Forward: What Should We Expect?

Snap Inc.’s upcoming initial public offering (IPO) is the cause of much speculation and anticipation – not to mention a hefty dose of skepticism or excitement, depending on who you talk to. Snapchat’s parent company recently made its public S-1 filing with the SEC, which gives us a first peek at Snap’s growth, income, users,…

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Snapchat Partners Will Target Ads Based on Offline Behavior

Snapchat users may soon notice a more personalized touch to the ads they see. Snap Inc., the parent company of Snapchat, has been aggressively expanding its advertising offerings over the course of the last year. From high-dollar NFL packages, to interactive movie and TV Snapcodes, the company has been creative in testing new ways to…

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Super Bowl Advertising: Is Snapchat the New TV?

The advertising buzz leading up to the Super Bowl is nothing new. Every year, we analyze the price tag for a 30-second spot during the game, pore over the list of brands purchasing ad time, and speculate on who the winners and losers will be. But traditional TV advertising is not the only option for…

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