Did you know you carry one of your most powerful branding tools with you wherever you go?

Your smartphone camera is the key to transforming your social media marketing from humdrum to exceptional. With very little effort, you can take high-quality photos that will tell your brand’s story and capture your audience’s attention.

In a previous post, we outlined some helpful social media photography tips for marketers (which you should read, if you haven’t already). Today we’ll keep it even simpler: download one of these free photo editing mobile apps, and immediately improve your social media photos.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop is the gold standard for professional photo editing, and the Adobe Photoshop Express app brings a streamlined selection of features to your phone. You can access photos from your mobile gallery, Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Facebook or Google Photos. Crop, flip or straighten images, as well as adjust color, brightness and white balance. Edit single images, or add several to a collage – then share on social media in one tap.


Snapseed is an easy-to-use, comprehensive photo editing app featuring 26 tools and filters. With a few taps, you can adjust exposure and color, sharpen and crop, and apply filters and effects.


According to New York Times reviewer, Roy Furchgott, “Facetune helps you look your Hollywood best, even in photos taken on mobile phones.” This is welcome news if you’ve ever tried – and failed – to take a flattering selfie, portrait or group photo with your phone. Facetune lets you quickly retouch and enhance images – whitening smiles, smoothing over skin blemishes or dark circles, or adding filters and special effects.


Discover your inner artist with the PicsArt app. While it offers standard photo editing tools like cropping, stretching and adding borders, PicsArt stands out with its vibrant special effects, stickers, text overlays and drawing features. It’s a fun and intuitive platform for creating photo collages or custom memes.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a useful app for two main reasons. First, it provides free unlimited storage for photos and videos, letting you back up your media in a secure, private and searchable way. Second, it has advanced editing tools for adjusting light and color, and adding filters and special effects.

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