A Sneak Peek: AI for Digital Marketing Guide

The continued growth and evolution of Artificial Intelligence is nothing to be taken lightly. In fact, in many respects, its sense of innovation and adaptation can be intimidating to the human mind. Whether advancements in healthcare, financial institutions, or our favorite, digital marketing, AI is something worthy of keeping up-to-date on. Nevertheless, it is a challenge to stay versed in its developing world. Lucky for you, MtoM’s AI For Digital Marketing Guide provides insights on all-you-need-to-know AI!

After conducting thorough research, our team compiled a detailed presentation that encapsulates all the necessary information needed to ensure the efficient utilization of AI in your company’s marketing strategy, upping the ante for competitors. Here’s a peek into what it offers:

Open AI ChatGPT & DALL-E 2 & Bing AI

  • Best practices when it comes to using ChatGPT
  • DALL-E 2 AI system’s artistic abilities
  • Microsoft’s Bing AI image search

Organic Social Media 

  • Content Creation: image, video creation & editing
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization: bios, copy, and profile picture headshots
  • Insights: Brandwatch’s Iris

Advertising: Social & PPC

  • Paid social media tools
  • Google advertising tools
  • Optimization for conversation 


  • Writing generators 
  • Copy editing
  • Blog writers

Email Marketing

  • Email design & generation
  • Email automation

Websites & Landing Pages

  • Site and landing page development: SEO
  • E-commerce optimization
  • Chatbots


  • Writing and planning
  • Transcription
  • Editing

Understanding how to effectively use these various platforms is crucial to maintain up to par with the marketing industry. Catered for small and medium-sized businesses with modest marketing budgets, we are consistently keeping an eye out for the latest AI developments to ensure an up-to-date guide.  

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