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94% of marketers

found influencer marketing to be so effective

they doubled their budgets in 2017.

A New Kind of Digital Agency.

We specialize in influencer & content marketing, social media, & digital advertising to create data-driven campaigns that deliver ROI to our clients across many industries.


Influencer marketing, at its core, IS the voice of the customer. It’s the most powerful way to get a brand’s message to an interested audience in a relevant and authentic way. And MtoM’s Max Influence is the industry-leading influencer marketing platform.


We have a passion for creating incredible digital content. From videos to photography and graphic design- innovation is the key. Our content team utilizes the newest techniques to fuel engaging and strategic pieces for your digital marketing streams.


Our digital media expertise is about utilizing top quality content to engage your target audience, influencers, and the brand to create conversations, recommendations, education, and enthusiastic brand followers that extend the social reach.

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Christine Wilson
Founder & CEO


Tracey Harrington McCoy


Diane Wells
Director of Digital Strategy


Brittany Skinner
Digital Strategist


Sam Dixon
Sr. Creative Strategist


Anthony Forte


Kate Hood
Influencer Strategist

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Laurie Levine
Business Development

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How Businesses Can Use the Instagram Graph API

By Sam Dixon | February 16, 2018

Over the last year, Instagram has started gradually rolling out new features to help businesses manage their organic presence on the platform. Starting in July, businesses could access to view organic insights and moderate comments through the Instagram Graph API. And two weeks ago, Instagram released new features to the API, allowing businesses to schedule…

MtoM Launches New Women’s Lifestyle Brand

By Diane Wells | February 9, 2018

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new venture: a women’s lifestyle maximization brand called and/life! The and/life app is now available on iPhone and Android – and without hyperbole, we can say that it will change your life in a lasting and positive way. What is and/life? MtoM is partnering with fitness…

How to Avoid the ‘Dark Side’ of Influencer Marketing

By Diane Wells | February 2, 2018

When it’s done right, influencer marketing connects people in a meaningful way. It provides interesting and useful content, and it benefits brands, social media influencers, and followers. When it’s done poorly, it brings up serious ethical and legal questions. It confuses fact and fiction, and it makes social media users distrustful of the entire industry.…

Facebook Update May Lead to a Rise in Influencer Marketing

By Diane Wells | January 26, 2018

Since Facebook announced the latest changes to its News Feed algorithm, industry reactions have been mixed – ranging from cautious optimism to full-scale panic. With this recent update, Facebook is concentrating on building more authentic connections and meaningful interactions within its audience. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that news and branded content will show up less…

What Brands Need to Know about Facebook’s News Feed Changes

By Sam Dixon | January 18, 2018

Facebook is changing what you will see in your News Feed – but probably not in the way you expect. Instead of expanding its content offerings or advertising opportunities, Facebook is refocusing the News Feed to prioritize personal connections over content from publishers and marketers. In a January 12 post, Mark Zuckerberg wrote: We built Facebook…

Improve Your Social Media Monitoring

By Diane Wells | January 12, 2018

Because of social media’s omnipresence, it’s never been easier for you to connect with your customers. At any moment, you can receive instant feedback on your new product or content, or you can listen in on conversations about your brand or industry. Of course, this constant stream of data from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube…

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